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If you don't want to invest in a hardware IP phone then you can use a soft IP phone. Soft IP phones can be installed on a laptop or desktop computer and can then be used with a headset connected to the computer. To get started:

  • Download a soft phone. We recommend X Lite
  • Install it on your computer
  • Add a headset
  • Put in your Soho66 user details into the soft phone

Then your ready to make and take calls


  • No cost to have calls delivered to you
  • Get access to all our features (call waiting, transfer, conference, music on hold, voicemail notifications etc.)
  • Take advantage of our superb outbound call rates with UK landline calls at 1p per minute
  • Get access to great phone features such as multiple line appearance
  • No investment in hardware


  • You need a broadband or internet connection
  • Some basic setup required
  • Your computer needs to be switched on to take calls
  • Ties your phone to your computer
  • Call quality is often inconsistent and unreliable -
  • Generally, we'd not recommend using a soft phone for any more than occasional use
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