About Virtual Receptionist

Simply66 is our Professional Call Answering Service. Starting from just 66p per call, our professionals will answer calls on your company's behalf without the need to hire a professional receptionist. This ensures you need never miss an opportunity again.

Why Choose Virtual Receptionist?

  • Many people simply hang up on an answer machine
  • Positively shape perceptions of your organisation
  • Grow by handling important calls professionally
  • No need to invest in a new employee
  • Completely confidential service

How it Works

  • You choose when you'd like a customer to be diverted to Virtual Receptionist using your Routing Wizard. E.g. 'Divert all Calls,' 'Divert when Busy,' 'Divert when not Answered.'
  • The call is answered by a professional. They'll use your company name and a script prepared by you. The receptionist seamlessly appears as part of your organisation.
  • You will receive the number of the caller via email, along with any message left for you. You'll also receive a call recording of the interaction. Simply choose a time convenient to yourself to return the customer's call.

How to sign up

Virtual Receptionist is part of Soho66 Gems series of products, which are available as add ons to our VoIP services.

Existing Customers

Log in to your control panel, and simply follow the 'Virtual Receptionist' link.

New Customers

There are three ways to use the service:

To find out more about using our call recording service, please call 03333 443 443

Service pricing

Plan Description Pricing
Lite 20 Receptionist Calls £24.99per month
Standard 40 Receptionist Calls £44.99per month
Professional 100 Receptionist Calls £99.99per month

Virtual Receptionist in Action

As a Driving Instructor, Adam constantly needs to find and retain new customers. His method of doing so relies heavily on receiving phone calls, yet his job means he is often not in a position to answer. Adam realises that many potential customers are much less likely to leave a message on his answer machine, and therefore uses the Virtual Receptionist to answer his calls. His calls are answered in a professional manner, and the callers message is sent to him via email, allowing him to call the potential customer back at a convenient opportunity.

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